Bhartiya Dharohar a new revolution for our heritage and culture

World has great belief in paying honor and respects to their traditions and value systems carried over by generations. Traditions make the society live, energetic, leads towards positive direction & make the nation great and proud. Protection and preservations of heritage can be a matter of self-respect for any person and society across the world. India has history of rich heritage across the world. But ancient history of Indian heritage is gradually disappearing from present history with the passage of time. Our culture, values, traditions, our own science, technology, medicine systems are disappearing fast from our own lives which has its own significance and cannot be replicated from new systems and values in several respects.

In such situation it has become necessary to put across the people especially students all aspects of our rich heritage. We should make them to understand the significance of our heritage and its implication on our lives. And here teachers can play very significant roles and can work as a main agent in bringing changes in student’s outlook regarding our heritage. Bhartiya Dharohar has started campaign across India to bring together and mobilize teachers, students and their guardians to realize and understand the significance and its implication of hidden jewel of our heritage like ayurved, vastu, yoga, astronomy and Yogya Vigyan just to name a few, in modern life and its problems. While protecting & developing Indian Heritage, Bhartiya Dharohar is also open to learn from experience of other societies & cultures as required to make this world a better place to live.